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NU HomeStudio
NU HomeStudio
NU HomeStudio
NU HomeStudio
NU HomeStudio

NU HomeStudio Business is managed by NJU TECH Solutions. Major services provided by the business such as CAD plan designing, 3D design, Isometric view, interior executions and along with 3D modeling for artwork related to customer needs.

The business is composed of competent, highly skilled, talented and courteous staff. This is especially important for a company that wants to emphasize customer service and satisfaction. We, NU HomeStudio makes your imagination into reality with the low cost. Because we believe in creation of excellent architectural masterpieces.

Since our humble launch in 2017, we have materially expanded our unique design collection. Today we are proud to say that our fulfillment calculation for customer satisfaction has reached over 1000 milestones in various locations. Because it was made possible by keeping the promise, we made without breaking it.

Our work process makes your dream true

Sketch Design Build Move In Armed with measurements, notes, and our client’s goals, we can start transforming raw ideas into
something a little more refined.


The sketching phase is all about turning ideas into drawings we can present to clients.


If the client approves our proposal and preliminary design, the project design goes to the development stage. Design development
requires finalization of fine-tuning details and everything related to design


Depending on the project, we coordinate with architects and engineers to ensure that our design
does not conflict with architectural elements or structural, mechanical and electrical layouts.

Move In

Sit back and relax.