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Plinth Area is the total covered area of the apartment including the internal and external walls, while the carpet area means the area of you home where you can lay the carpet; it is the actual living space measured from wall to wall. What a home buyer actually pays for is the Super Built Up Area, which is Plinth Area plus a percent of Common Areas proportioned to every unit.

Janapriya takes pride in building houses that go on to become beautiful homes and great communities. To build such beautiful homes, we combine our 30 years of knowledge, expertise & insight with your needs. We take the outside-in approach to make homes that best fit your needs, while keeping in mind your comforts. After all, owning a house is every individual’s dearest yearning and a great deal of their thought goes into it; so does ours.

Product Description

As a rule of thumb, most builders calculate the Super Built Up Area by adding a loading factor of 25% to the Plinth Area. As a policy, Janapriya proportionates the common areas as per the actuals, which makes a difference of almost 10%, so you get a higher carpet area for the same amount.

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Connectivity In addition to its great location it is well connected to all parts of city via metro rail; A 5 minute walk to Moti Nagar Metro Station. Water The running Manjeera water connection meets the needs of 1000 families residing there. Efficient Design Our proficient designs enable good ventilation & natural light in all the common areas thereby cutting down on the maintenance cost.


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