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SMS Maha Offers is a company that positions itself as the leader in identifying, developing, implementing, branding and maintaining dynamic marketing, advertising and communication concepts through the utilization of SMS messaging solutions. We provide user friendly and innovative messaging system to cater to client’s need for easy to use wireless applications which they can use anywhere anytime with a goal to make it a one stop technology solutions point for businesses and end users. The company’s current infrastructure is equipped to provide cost effective customized modules to suits clients of big and small scale working, giving them an advantage in this competitive industry. We at Maha Offers plan to include a range of quality products and services for our customers with varied needs of personal and enterprise mobility. Our advanced technology with inbound and outbound applications ensures secure and unlimited deployment of SMS delivery through carrier grade mobile messaging solutions. Our wireless products are easily implemented by wireless carriers, or by businesses through our SMS Network. The wide range of immediate text messaging solutions from Individualized Desktop applications, Broadcasting SMS to SMS Gateway for sending messages from your database, we have the ideal solution for all company needs.

Product Description

Every business looks for better advertisement and establishes communication to demographic. SMS marketing has become an effective alternative to traditional sources of advertising due to the high level of mobile phone ownership in India. Online SMS Service is the newest form of advertising used by companies to brand and promote their products and services to existing or potential customers via mobile phone.

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The main advantages of latest promotional method are: SMS are a cheaper means of communication compared to the advertising methods that were used in the past. Sending many SMS to the audience is inexpensive. People are really interested to read the SMS that they receive in their leisure time, and it makes the sms a powerful mode of advertising ones products and services. Bulk SMS marketing brands the advertiser as being technically sophisticated. This improves the image of the company significantly. Each recipient of bulk SMS has the broadcast option to view the message. This type of pushing products into market is suitable for people in vicious grip of life. No software required, No initial setup fees Unlimited free sender ids Uninterrupted service experience Dedicated SMS bandwidth for high frequencies