Furnish your first home

If you are keen on designing the interiors gradually, here are a few tips: Seating If you haven't bought furniture as yet, spread some colourful dhurries or straw mats. Lamps Colourful lampshades made of rice paper looks trendy.A hanging lamp in the kitchen above the cooking area should throw light on what you will be dishing up. A fluorescent lamp is perfect for the bathroom and conserves energy even if you would want to leave it on the entire night till you are used to getting your way around the wash basin and tub. Fan It is the most essential fixture, especially if you are moving in during the summer season. A table fan or one on a pedestal should do just fine. The fan can switch rooms till you go in for a decorative piece later. Or, you could go in for a decorative fan with lights combination. Pots and pans Buy a set of cups, plates and spoons and you can have a tiny selfc-ontained kitchenette. You could add on the delicate chinaware as you settle down. Stove Go in for a small gas cylinder with cooking top that FITS in the shelf easily. Bedroom Get a right sized mattress for two instead. Even if it doesn't have a bed to go with it right now, you could always make one to FIT the mattress later. Curtains Simple, functional curtains that keep away the cold and bright sunlight should be your first priority for the living area. Readymade drapes and drapery rods are easily available off the shelf. Bins and buckets A couple of buckets in the bathroom always come in handy. Garbage and waste paper bins in the bathroom and kitchen are must haves. Stay updated on the go with Times of India News App. Click here to download it for your device.