Bliss Farms

Bliss Farms is the ultimate choice of discerning people who value the grandeur of nature and savour
harmonious living. The community of well laid out premium-farm houses, is a place where life can take
root, thrive and bear fruit.

The surroundings environs are boast of natural reserve and full of trees, flora and fauna. Find freedom
from the noise and pollution that comes from city life. Experience instead of the melody of birds and the
fragrance of blossoms at dawn.

The Spirit of Harmony and Blissful living!

The area of Chilkur is blessed with magnificence and is a crucible of history, where the grander of nature
exemplifies the spirit of Harmony & Blissful living.

7 Luxury boutique farm houses
1740 sqft constructed villa with Gazebo space

Each farm house with exclusive Landscaping, Swimming pool.
Constructed plans approved by Grampanchayat.
Clear title farms designed as per Vaastu priciples.

Community Specifications:

  • Pathway lights all-round the layout with greenery.
  • Underground electrical cable.
  • Underground drainage system with a septic tank for each farmhouse.
  • Backup power for common areas.
  • Adequate 24x7 water supply.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Gated community with strict 24 hours CCTV surveillance.


Farm House Specification:

  • Private swimming pool for each farmhouse.
  • Branded, high-end sanitary fittings and fixtures.
  • High quality tile/ equivalent stone.
  • UPVC windows.
  • Granite/Equivalent flooring for sit-outs.
  • Customization civil changes of units as per client requirements within permissible limits.
  • Granite countertop for Kitchens
  • along with stainless steel sinks.
  • Branded and modern antiskid flooring for toilets.
  • Elevated ceiling height of 11 feet.


14 Min Drive - 2 kms


15 Min Drive - 7.5 kms

Appa Junction

20 Min Drive - 12 kms


22 Min Drive - 13 kms


28 Min Drive - 17 kms


32 Min Drive-22 kms

Financial District

32 Min Drive - 22 kms


533 Min Drive - 23 kms

Hitch City

34 Min Drive- 26 kms


37 Min Drive - 26 kms

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Bliss Farms
Bliss Farms
Bliss Farms
Bliss Farms
Bliss Farms
Bliss Farms
Bliss Farms
Bliss Farms
Bliss Farms
Bliss Farms
Bliss Farms