Magic millets, detox drinks: Hyderabad has a lot to offer health-food enthusiasts

But his venture, Freshies Gourmet Salad, wasn't the result of a well-thought out business plan. "I had no idea whatsoever about what my business would be for months after my return. I just knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur," says Shrivastava. His interest in healthy food prompted Shrivastava to start the healthy diets deli that serves over 30 varieties of salads, the recipes of which are all his own. "We don't have a chef in our kitchen and everyone, including the front office manager and the maid, are trained to toss salads," he says. On the drinks menu are detox mixes alongside chilled coconut water. "No sugar has been added in anything," he says. A full meal by themselves, the salads are sumptuously packed with crisp Indian and imported vegetables or fish and chicken add-ons. "People in Hyderabad still can't imagine having only salad for a meal, so the menu has wraps and sandwiches too and air fryer prepared snacks like keema or pomegranate kachori made with jowar," he shares. They deliver anywhere in Hyderabad and over the last couple of years, his regular clientele has grown to include Telugu film stars and politicians. Shrivastava is already working on expansion plans beyond Hyderabad. "We will eventually go pan-India, and who knows, Freshies may open a branch in London too some day, with life coming full circle," he concludes. Price for two Rs 700 plus taxes At Telecom Nagar, Gachibowli Tel 64505505 Grain power Health Sutra Did you know that jowar pops are a healthy alternative to popcorn? Or that foxtail millet is as nutritious as quinoa? Sai Krishna Popuri, 26, who started Health Sutra in 2014, explains the benefits of millets to anyone willing to switch to healthier eating habits, since much of our health is determined by what we eat.